Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram, posts message to Matthew Stafford

As you know by now, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s wife Kelly has had an extremely challenging year.

Not only was Kelly diagnosed with a brain tumor but she also had to have a 12-hour surgery to remove it.

Since the surgery, Kelly has been making progress little by little and she has been a true inspiration to all of us.

Kelly recently took to Instagram, which she often does to give updates, to thank her husband for remembering the My Cause, My Cleats design for his cleats. She also thanked him for being such a great husband.

“We have a lot going on right now.. just like everybody else during the holidays. I realized about a week and a half ago, Matthew didn’t ask me about the design of his “my cause my cleats” .. I was worried he had forgot completely about the campaign with everything going on.

I was wrong.

Seeing these cleats brought back so many feelings of everything we endured through my brain surgery.. but we did it together and watching this video reminded me how much we’ve grown with one another.

I love the man my husband is. I’m so thankful for everything he does for me, my family, and everyone who knows him. Thank you Matthew. Thank you for everything.”



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