ranks every backfield in the National Football League

On Monday, Around the NFL’s Marc Sessler of ranked all the backfields in the NFL, from 1-32. Topping the list were the Philadelphia Eagles (No. 1) and the Seattle Seahawks (No. 2). Stuck at the bottom were the two worst teams in the NFL last year, the Tennessee Titans (No. 31) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 32).

The Detroit Lions made their appearance at No. 24, just ahead of the Atlanta Falcons (No. 25) and the Dallas Cowboys (N0, 26) and just behind the Cleveland  Browns (No. 23) and the New York Giants (No. 22).

Although the list ranks the Lions’ backfield in the lower third of the league, Sessler has good things to say about Detroit’s potential to prove him wrong.

There’s hope in Detroit based on what Jeremiah said about Abdullah and Riddick: “I know they lack size, but they’re both guys who can really be dynamic in the passing game as well as hit home runs,” adding that Detroit will be “able to scare safeties” out of position with how they spread the field with both backs and tight end Eric Ebron. Jeremiah called Abdullah “a lot like Gio Bernard,” saying: “He is really, really quick, but the issue with him is fumbling. He got better at it during his college career. He also can be a real asset to them in the return game. He’s strong, he’s quick, he can catch the heck out of it and he’s good after the catch.”







Losing Reggie Bush to the San Francisco 49ers this offseason certainly hurts the Lions’ backfield in terms of consistency. That being said, if young guns such as Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick can step up when called upon, there’s no reason this crew of running backs, led by Joique Bell, can’t be a top 15 backfield in the NFL.