Lions remain roughly $15 million under cap after signing draft picks

The Detroit Lions have officially signed all of their draft picks, including first round pick Taylor Decker, and now sit roughly $15 million under the NFL salary cap. 

As of now, only the top 51 highest earning players on the Lions roster count against the salary cap. Once the regular season starts, the full roster plus the practice squad counts against the salary cap, which could add up to $4 million onto Detroit’s salary against the cap.

Luckily for the Lions, the team will be able to make up for the money lost with those players as Detroit is likely to save around $4 million once they inevitably cut veteran LB Stephen Tulloch.

While $15 million sounds like a lot, that number is around the league average for most teams after signing their draft picks and undrafted free agents. Still, the $15 million allows the Lions enough room to still make a few late off-season moves, as Don Drysdale detailed earlier this month.

The Lions may decide to not spend the money, as any unused cap space not used this season carries over to 2017. For Detroit, if no free agents catch their eye, holding off may be their best bet as an extension for star CB Darius Slay looms.

Nation, what do you think the Lions should do with their remaining cap space?