LOOK: Detroit Tigers make change to uniform in 2019

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In 2018, the Detroit Tigers announced a change to their baseball cap that included a blown up version of the Olde English ‘D'. Immediately following that announcement, Tigers' fans flocked to social media to let the team know just how ugly the new caps were.

Well, apparently those with power in the Tigers' organization heard the voices of the fans and they have decided to revert back to the smaller ‘D' that had been on the cap for so long.

If you remember, last year when they made the abhorrent decision to change their logos on the hats, I wrote a scathing letter to the Tigers letting them know how it was nothing but a money grab and would not be tolerated. It's good to see that the change obviously didn't get them what they were looking for.  Read my letter below:

Dear Detroit Tigers,

There are certain things in sports which are absolute perfection and should never, EVER be changed in any way. Some of those things include the New York Yankees ‘NY’ logo, the Cleveland Browns helmet, the Detroit Red Wings winged wheel, and of course, the Detroit Tigers baseball cap.

On Thursday, you surprised many of your fans by making a change to your uniform. Since the Old English ‘D’ on your baseball cap was slightly different than the one on the jersey, you decided to make them both the same, specifically changing the Old English ‘D’ on the jersey to match the one on the baseball cap.

Photo from Tony Paul – Twitter https://twitter.com/TonyPaul1984/status/957374037361156101

Most fans seemed ok with the move, others spoke out in anger, and some did not even realize the logos did not match in the first place.

But making the logos singular is not what this is about. This is about your decision to change one of the most iconic things in all of sports. This is about your money-based decision to enlarge the size of the Old English ‘D’ on your baseball cap.


You see, Tigers, your fans are actually much smarter than you give us credit. WE understand the basics of marketing and WE can see very clearly that your decision to change your baseball caps is nothing more than a money grab! That money grab will impact us, the fans who have been by your side.

Your product on the field is not expected to bring as many fans to Comerica Park this season as in past years so why not nickel and dime us instead by changing something that should never be changed? Is that your plan? Don’t respond to that, we already know the answer.


On behalf of Tigers fans around the world, I DEMAND you rethink your decision to alter the size of the Old English ‘D’ on the baseball caps that we love so dearly. As true fans, we have supported the Detroit Tigers through thick and thin, now it’s time for you to listen to us, and more importantly, to do what is right.


Detroit Tigers fans


Nation, are you satisfied now?


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Polar Vortex 2019!

What better time than to write up my first full Detroit Lions 2019 NFL Mock Draft?

Let me begin by saying these mock drafts are extremely fluid as free agency will play a huge role in what direction Lions’ GM Bob Quinn decides to go in the NFL Draft.

For example, I personally believe that acquiring an edge rusher should be the number one priority this offseason and I would have to believe that Quinn agrees with that. But if he goes out and signs a big name DE such as Trey Flowers out of New England (yes, please!), the chances of the Lions drafting an edge rusher with their No. 8 pick in the first round would drop, though it is still possible.

This volume of my full Detroit Lions mock draft focusses on what the current needs are at this moment in time as if not a single free agent is signed.

So, with that understood, let’s take a look at Vol. 1 of my full Detroit Lions 2019 ‘Perfect’ NFL Mock Draft.

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