Michigan President Santa Ono releases statement following win over Penn State

Michigan President Santa Ono releases statement following win over Penn State

Michigan President Santa Ono releases statement following win over Penn State

In the aftermath of the Michigan Wolverines‘ significant 24-15 victory over Penn State, Michigan President Santa Ono‘s recent statement highlights the resilience and unity within the University of Michigan community. The win, achieved in the absence of head coach Jim Harbaugh due to a suspension linked to an ongoing sign-stealing investigation, represents more than just a triumph on the field; it symbolizes the collective strength of the Wolverines in facing adversity.

Santa J. Ono Michigan President Santa Ono sends message to Big Ten

What Did Santa Ono Say?

Here is what Ono tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

“Countless members of the University of Michigan family have reached out to me over the weekend and I wanted to express my appreciation,” Ono tweeted on Sunday. “Like any community, we face our share of challenges and adversity. There have been many such moments in our history. But as our team showed so clearly yesterday, we will respond to any challenge head on with a conviction to do better and to emerge even stronger. Go Blue!”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan beats first ranked opponent, Penn State, staying undefeated without suspended head coach Jim Harbaugh.
  2. President Santa Ono acknowledges the university's support during challenging times, emphasizing resilience and strength.
  3. The team's unity and ‘us against the world' mentality are evident amidst the sign-stealing investigation and subsequent fallout.
Michigan vs. Everybody

Bottom Line – Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Under President Santa Ono’s leadership, the University of Michigan is navigating through one of the most challenging phases in its football program's history. Despite the external pressures and scrutiny, the Wolverines have adopted an ‘us against the world' attitude, as seen in their recent performance and the creation of ‘Michigan vs. Everybody’ apparel.

As the investigation continues, the team's ability to stay united and focused on their goals will be critical. Ono's statement serves as a rallying cry, ensuring that the Wolverines are more than equipped to face any challenge head-on, with a commitment to emerge stronger. The path ahead for Michigan is filled with uncertainty, but one thing is clear – they are ready to tackle any obstacle, both on and off the field.

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