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Dylan Larkin buries HUGE overtime goal for Red Wings [Video]

OT Hero: Dylan Larkin buries the overtime-winning goal for the Red Wings, who live to fight another day!

Amon-Ra St. Brown will not play with his brother Equanimeous

Amon-Ra St. Brown won't play with or against his brother during the upcoming regular season.

Michigan Wolverines Vs. UConn Should Be No Contest

Michigan Wolverines’ Easiest Schedule Ever Gets Easier Vs. UConn

Matt: Ryan, the Michigan Wolverines made their decision at quarterback. Thanks to the play last week by JJ McCarthy against Hawaii, he will be the starter going forward for the Wolverines. And, they have another scrimmage, another warm-up before the big ten conference schedule starts against the UConn Huskies, who have had a hard time even keeping their program, let alone winning football games.

Ryan: Yeah. And it, well, it’ll be more of the same from what we’ve seen from the Michigan Wolverines. These first two weeks, they’re gonna dominate UConn. Like they dominated Hawaii. Like they dominated Colorado. and that’s, that’s kind of what it’s gonna be. You’re not gonna see a whole lot. You’re not gonna learn anything about Michigan that you didn’t already know.

You know, JJ McCarthy’s probably gonna throw the ball around all over the field. And then when Michigan feels like they wanna run it, they’ll probably get know six, six and a half yards of carrying at the kind of a minimum. So you just kind of come out of this game, hoping that nobody gets hurt. Really, because you’re not gonna be in any danger of losing this game at.

you know, it’ll probably be another game where it’s 21, nothing. After the first quarter, UConn again is a really bad team. And I know other teams play bad teams, but the Michigan Wolverines has played like three, literally like the two worst teams of the country. And then UConn’s probably like top 10, top 15 worst. So you, if you’re looking to learn something, you’re not going.

Everybody’s going to look good. Michigan might get a shutout that they haven’t gotten this year. So that’s actually something that I think I would expect to see from the Michigan defense. I wouldn’t expect a shutout, but I would expect them to really try to get a shut-out. Last week against Hawaii, they took their starters out after they were up 42 to nothing.

Hawaii ended up scoring 17 points or something. And it was all in garbage time, all against guys who were backups and walk-ons and things like that. So, could I see a scenario where Michigan keeps its defense a little bit longer? Maybe some of the premier guys, maybe just some of the two deep, so they can try and preserve that shutout.

Yeah, because the shutouts obviously gonna be way harder in big ten play when they start next week. I guess that’s the only real point of pride for Michigan right now, though. Otherwise, this game’s gonna be just a laugher. 

Matt: Man, the man just lost his starting spot, and you’re already calling Cade garbage and second starter and all that stuff.

Second squad, third squad. no, yeah, bad against the why. Yeah. Yeah. He really bad not look good against the why Michigan, in general, looks great. They’ve outscored their opponents 107 to 17 so far. The Huskies, they’re not good. , You know, their one win came against FCS, central Connecticut. They lost to Utah State 31 to 20 in the week zero. And then got blown out at a home by Syracuse 48 to 14.

The defense has been awful, and Michigan’s averaging over 50 points a game. So expect a lot from the Michigan Wolverines, like Hawaii, you know, one of the worst in total defense, 101 right now to be exact, they allow over 410 yards per game. And they let of 250 of that through the air where the Huskies could make some noise is that they have a bit of a running.

You know, their main ball carrier, Nathan Carter, he’s got 384 yards on the year. So far, through three games. That’s over a hundred-plus per game. He’s averaging over six per carrying again. Talk about who they played. Utah State is not good this year. Utah’s been good in the past, but not this year, FCS school, and Central Connecticut don’t even know them.

I’m gonna guess they’re not good. And Syracuse is also not expected to be a great football team. For whatever it’s worth, FF ranks the Huskies the 11th in the country as far as the rushing attack is concerned and their run blocking is 13th best in the country. Now, again, who have they played now? They’re gonna go against a the Michigan Wolverines’ defense.

But if you’re someone like me who’s looking for a reason to bet on this game. And you’re not looking so much at the spread, 47 and a half points is a ridiculous spread, but the over. The over-under is around 60, which means either Michigan’s gonna completely dominate the whole time and do a shutout or the Huskies have to pull some weight.

If Michigan scores 50, the Huskies gotta get around 10. Can they do it with a running attack? That’s showing that they have. They’re competent, at least in running the ball. Maybe there’s a chance that the Huskies can score a touchdown and kick against another field goal. They put up 10 points on the board, and now Michigan doesn’t have to put up as many to get to the over.

So if you’re looking for a bet, the over-under is the smarter bet. Whichever side of that you want to go on. I don’t want to touch a 48-point spread, personally. But with a rushing attack, that is, you know, you gotta running back averaging over six of. ABL run, blocking scheme. That’s the top 15 in the country.

As of right now, maybe they get some yards on the ground, and maybe they do their part, and you can hit the 

Ryan: over on this one. Yeah. I mean, I, I still don’t know about that because so Michigan, they didn’t give up 17. They give up 10 points to Hawaii. And I think they’re still pissed about that. So like, I would, I don’t know that I expect them to let up, as they did against the Y and give up two scores.

So, I just don’t see it. I, I don’t know that I would touch the over-under or the spread. Just look at some prop bets; I guess if, if you need to bet on this game, that’s where I would go. 

Matt: Yeah. So the counteract, the Michigan Wolverines allowed 111 yards per game on the ground so far this year. They’re third-best run defense.

So far, according to FF and the quarterback side for Yukon, you got a backup quarterback, true freshman Zion Turner. He’s thrown three picks already this year. He is completed just about 57% of his passes. Wait, that’s Payton. Those are Payton Thorne’s numbers too. I think actually, but, But yeah, so Zion, not, not the Zion that we know from the NBA, Zion Turner, not, not exactly setting the world on fire.

Their passing attack is not good. They have eight turnovers through three games. And so that’s where Michigan should look to feast. Cuz Michigan doesn’t have that many turnovers so far through the year, despite the bad competition they’ve played, they haven’t forced that many turnovers they’ve gotten their hands on some balls.

They’ve knocked some away, but they haven’t come away with it themselves. If you’re looking for an area to improve upon for the Wolverine defense, maybe that’s something you wanna spotlight and focus on is can they get some of these turnovers, to get the ball back because they’re gonna need this later on in the year, obviously when the competition gets a lot harder than it is to start the year.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, you would obviously like to force some turnovers, but we’ve seen some lucky turnovers. Now I know we’re about to talk about Michigan State. But there were a couple of those fumbles where like you forced the fumble, but it also just kind of seemed like they dropped the ball. And at Michigan State picked up, you know, four of the five that they dropped.

And now, all of a sudden, their turnover margin looks real good because you’re like, oh my God, look at that. Like, they just got, they got four turnovers in one game, and you know, for Michigan, turnovers are hype, and they probably provide a little bit more. But if the Michigan Wolverines can continue to get three and out, that’s just as good, you know, as a turnover, if they’re just continually gonna be punting, and then Michigan has a pretty good return game there with AJ Henning returning their kicks.

So. It’s it’ll, it’s certainly beneficial. Always turnovers are, but with Michigan, if their defense is able to force a lot of three and outs, then you don’t need to intercept the pass because you’re gonna get the ball back, probably in a pretty good field position. Anyway, because I don’t see UConn being able to move the ball so much.

Matt: No,  I mean, I don’t either. They’re ground games. The only chance they really have, and Michigan’s run defense is pretty solid as well for Michigan on the. Donovan Edwards is working through something. He left the Hawaii game with an injury. He hasn’t really done much this week, so it looks like the Wolverines are gonna be without their second running back behind Blake Corum, for whatever that’s worth.

Again, no one is expecting UConn to even be in this game. I don’t even know if Husky fans are expecting UConn to be in this game. So we’re not expecting anything like that, but for whatever it’s worth, what you’re looking for, as far as betting sides, Michigan’s running attack is not at full. Again, for whatever it’s worth, I don’t think either one of us is worried about that.

I don’t, again, I don’t wanna touch this spread as far as actual betting is concerned, but for the sake of our show Ryan, 47 and a half points, Michigan covering it. 

Ryan: Or UConn getting inside of it. Give it to Yon. 

Matt: That’s a lot of points. All right. Just for argument’s sake, I’ll pick the Michigan side.

Michigan Wolverines
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Dylan Larkin buries HUGE overtime goal for Red Wings [Video]

OT Hero: Dylan Larkin buries the overtime-winning goal for the Red Wings, who live to fight another day!

Amon-Ra St. Brown will not play with his brother Equanimeous

Amon-Ra St. Brown won't play with or against his brother during the upcoming regular season.