MLS expansion plans could bring a team to Detroit

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The MLS has announced that they will be expanding their league even more than originally anticipated.

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In early December, the MLS owners at the Board of Governors meeting expressed great enthusiasm for an expansion of the league from 24 teams to 28. This expansion would also propel the American soccer league to be the largest of any upper tier league in the world.

By comparison, the ‘Barclays Premier League’ in England has and ‘La Liga’ in Spain each have 20 teams, while the ‘Bundesliga’ in Germany has 18.

This expansion of the fast-growing soccer league is exciting for any soccer fans in the city of Detroit. There is already evidence of soccer being a very large part of the sports landscape in this city with the rise of Detroit City FC and the success of the Michigan Bucks.

There was even an active Facebook page at one time as well with over 10,000 followers labeled “Bring MLS to Detroit”.

The American soccer league added two new clubs for the 2015 season, upping the total number of franchises to 20. That expansion included the addition of a second club in New York, NYCFC.

The  plans laid out to bring the total to 24. An Atlanta-based team makes its debut in 2017 and a second Los Angeles club (formerly the old Chivas USA team) hits the pitch a year later. Dates are yet to be determined for Minneapolis’ proposed MLS team and a Miami club with an ownership group featuring retired global soccer icon David Beckham.

For a timeframe, the current expansion to 24 teams will not be completed until the year 2020. This would warrant a guess of the expansion still being a fair ways off but still being a strong possibility.

Detroit is one of numerous cities than has been speculated to house an MLS club over recent years, but plans never gained much traction. One of the biggest obstacles for investment groups to hurdle over is the location of where the team would play – a site in downtown Detroit or at the site of the Pontiac Silverdome.

Soccer in Detroit is a very exciting prospect and could add another exciting wrinkle into the growing entertainment value for the city moving forward.

Back in September, Detroit FC announced they would be moving its home games to Hamtramck as early as the 2016 season.

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