New York Giants at Detroit Lions – Game Preview

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Sunday, December 22, 2013 is a big day inside of Ford Field. Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants are in town for an absolute must win game for the Detroit Lions. In a disappointing five game stretch that has seen only one win for the Lions, this truly is do or die; with a little help. First and foremost, the Lions need to help themselves and play smart football. The Giants are a team who is struggling this season, but they are always dangerous.

In what could turn out to be a battle of turnovers, Manning pits his 25 interceptions against Stafford’s 17. Andre Brown comes in averaging just south of 75 rushing yards per game against a very stout Detroit front line that has them ranked as the number four defense against the run. While the passing defense is on the other end of the barrel, Eli Manning is having his worst year since his rookie campaign with a 69.7 QB Rating and throwing the most interceptions of his career; not to mention they are without Victor Cruz after undergoing knee surgery this week.

Detroit’s offense should be able to move the ball if they can make sure to…wait for it…get out of their own way. We certainly have been saying that a lot these past few weeks haven’t we? The Giants can get to the quarterback totaling 37 sacks thus far which could cause problems for the young offensive line of the Lions and force Stafford to get rid of the ball before plays can fully develop. When the high powered offense of Detroit is firing on all eight cylinders (8, not 4, Reggie) like they were on Thanksgiving, they showed how hard they are to stop with all of the fire power they possess. Touchdown machine Joseph Fauria will get the start at the Tight End spot with Brandon Pettigrew getting hurt on Monday Night against the Baltimore Ravens. For the Detroit Lions to win this game they need to play angry yet efficient football. Nick Fairley, we love you, but a great play followed up with a boneheaded play isn’t very effective.

With Philadelphia looking to bounce back from a tough loss against the Vikings last week and the Packers still without Aaron Rodgers, this week has been set up to help the Lions make that final postseason push they need to. Needless to say, all Lions fans will be rooting for a State of Pennsylvania sweep on Sunday, and who really wants to hear Trent Dilfer talk about the Lions “throwing up on themselves” again? Not me.


Detroit Lions: Sam Martin (P), Rashean Mathis (Q), Chris Houston (Q), Louis Delmas (P), Darius Slay (Q), DeAndre Levy (Q), Calvin Johnson (Q), Brandon Pettigrew (O)

New York Giants: Victor Cruz (O), Jason Pierre-Paul (O), Peyton Hillis (O), Terrell Thomas (P), Cooper Taylor (O), Trumaine McBride (P), Cullen Jenkins (P), Jerrel Jernigan (Q)

58 thoughts on “New York Giants at Detroit Lions – Game Preview”

  1. So sick of stupid people saying put Shaun Hill in. You always have idiots wanting the back up QB. ATTENTION ATTENTION IF HE WAS THAT GOOD HE WOULD BE THE STARTING QB. THAT IS ALL.

  2. It should be 99-0…but the Giants have pride…..and TWO Super Bowl Rings in the last 5? years…so..I think the Lions need to be 100% on their game to win this one

  3. Always rooting for my Detroit Lions….. Win or lose, love when they win more!!!!! Beat the Giants!!!!! ROAR

  4. Yes, the Lions will rebound in time to make the play offs… NYG do not have squat, Vikings can not compete… Lind will get the help from Chicago, they are horrible. Enough said.

  5. Who cares if they make the playoffs, does anybody really think they can beat any other team that makes it ? If so your dumb, I’m a lions fan n their season is over n Swartz needs 2 go

  6. these are horrible posts eat sleep and bleed lion football lets see ehat happens in the coming weeks go lions

  7. I honestly hope that they lose so that there is no doubt in anyones mind that some major changes have to be made.

  8. Lollll have you seem the last 2 lions games though Christian Jones we’ve been looking like garbage. But they’re in the D tn, I think we got it. Just wanna make Simon Jones cry for Eli!

  9. Yes I am disappointed in the Leo’s current meltdown as are the majority of us long suffering Lions fans…but there still is a good chance the Lions can win the division and get a home playoff game…Philly can and should beat the Bears this Sun nite, Pack again without Discount Double Check Rodgers so a good possibility they lose, Lions Should, (key word here , should) beat the NY Football Giants…last year at this time the Ravens were being heavily criticized by their fan base in Balt, well look what happened, once in the NFL playoffs anything can happen…of course this is the LIONS we are discussing here, if the Giants pull of a W this Sunday…yes the whole coaching staff needs to go…

  10. Benching Stafford for at least a game will show him he is not invincible. Thus team needs to be accountable for their mistakes! When Stafford was injured Hill played great. As a lions fan I am suck of our franchise quarterback Matthew romo! I say put in hill, what’s the worst that could happen? We won’t make the playoffs? This division was handed to us and as a whole they blew it. I’m tired of it!!!

  11. It would be a fitting end to the Lions season to have the lowly Giants come to Ford Field and leave with a win. Changes are in the wind in the Motor City.

  12. It’s lining up for the Lions to turn things around and win this game. I personally have faith in them. The Giants are really struggling this year. Plus I am sure that they realize that Chicago and Green Bay have difficult match ups, so if they. Play the way they are capable of……Playoffs can still be a very strong possibility!

  13. Detroit Gary spoken like a true hater. We can afford to a bad season after being a major force in the east for all most decade pump your brakes playboy

  14. cuz he had a shotty couple of games? you’re D is gonna wanna quit by the end of the game, stafford to megatron for at least 2 TD’s

  15. I’m a Packers fan, but I don’t see Detroit losing this game. As bad as Detroit has played, the Giants are 100 times worse.

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