NFL 1st Round Mock Draft: Post Titans-Rams trade

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On Thursday, a blockbuster trade went down in the NFL as the Los Angeles Rams gave up an arm and a leg in order to acquire the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft from the Tennessee Titans. Because of the trade, mock drafts everywhere were thrown for a loop, including ours.

So, here is an updated 1st Round Mock Draft following the trade that went down. As you can see, things look a bit different than they did just a couple of days ago.



[tps_title]Picks 1 through 10[/tps_title]

1. Los Angeles Rams: Carson Wentz (QB North Dakota State)- The Rams are going to select a QB, that much is clear. For how much they forked over to the Titans, you would think that the Rams had someone in mind that they couldn’t live without. With mixed reports on which QB they will take, it makes the most sense that they wanted to leapfrog the Browns and grab Wentz. The majority consensus had the NDS QB going to Clevland at No. 2 before the Rams/Titans exchange.

2. Cleveland Browns: Jared Goff (QB California)- It’s no secret that Cleveland needs a QB, they have only been searching for one since they rejoined the league in ’99. Goff should have the easier transition between the top two QB’s given his experience in the PAC-12 compared to Wentz and his FCS level competition.

3. San Diego Chargers: Leremy Tunsil (OT Ole Miss)- Tunsil is the best player in the draft, but since he doesn’t play QB, he drops into San Diego’s lap. He appears to the total package. You can never pass up on an elite left tackle as the opportunity rarely arises.

4. Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey (CB Florida State)- Another top-end prospect falls to a team in need after the QB’s go one and two. This is a no-brainer.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Myles Jack (LB UCLA)- The Jags don’t appear to benefit a ton from the Rams/Titans trade unless Jacksonville had a higher grade on Bosa than Jack. Jack still seems to be the better scheme fit at a position of need.

6. Baltimore Ravens: DeForest Buckner (DT/DE Oregon)- (Edit) Even with the April fools rumor about how Joey Bosa would hold out if drafted by the Ravens, Baltimore still may still pass on him. Buckner seems to be of equal and better-suited value.

7. San Francisco 49ers: Joey Bosa (LB/DE Ohio State)- What a nice surprise for the 49ers. They may have been hoping to grab Goff here, but they already have a couple capable signal callers in a QB-friendly offense. This would help reload the deteriorating San Fran defense.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: Ezekiel Elliot (RB Ohio State)- This is where the ripples from big trade up front seem to dissipate. Elliot is a monster RB and has been projected at this spot for a while now.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vernon Hargreaves (CB Florida)- Hargreaves has great ball skills and agility but lacks that top gear to keep up with the downfield burners of the NFL. With Lovie Smith‘s Tampa-2 scheme now defunct, new defensive coordinator Mike Smith will still probably have to run some sort of cover-2 hybrid scheme with the personnel he was given. Hargreaves can excel with help over the top.

10.New York Giants: Ronnie Stanley (OT Notre Dame)- Some questions have been raised recently about Stanley’s strength and quickness- two attributes that are a must for a Top-10 LT selection. He has also been questioned about his love for the game as basketball is his favorite sport. His college production matches with a top-10 pick and that alone will keep him in the conversation at No. 10.

Up Next: Who do the Lions select at No. 16?

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