Pistons trade Will Bynum to Celtics

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The Detroit Pistons have announced that they have made a trade. They have traded backup point guard Will Bynum to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Joel Anthony.

Bynum was the odd man out for the Pistons after they signed D.J. Augustin in the offseason and drafted Spencer Dinwiddie in the June draft. Bynum hasn’t played all preseason due to a right hamstring strain and Augustin has played well during the preseason as a backup to Brandon Jennings.

Bynum spent six seasons in Detroit and averaged 8.4 points and 3.4 assists in his time here. He sometimes angered fans with his erratic play, but when he was on and having fun, he was fun to watch. The little 6’0″ dynamo electrified the crowd with his dunks over much bigger opponents. However, he just wasn’t inconsistent enough for my liking and he was beginning to get disgruntled here. I think it was time for both sides to move on.

Anthony averaged 0.8 points and 1.2 rebounds last season split between the Miami Heat and the Celtics. After this trade, the Pistons will have 16 guaranteed contracts on the roster and they will have to cut one of them. Anthony will most likely be cut off the roster as the Pistons have too many bigs to keep him. The Pistons will save $900,000 to cut Anthony.

-Ky Carlin

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