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NFL to ratify deal next week

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We’ve been so “close” to the end of the lockout for so long that we hesitate to get too excited about any report.

With that disclaimer out of the way, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has news that should make football fans smile from coast to coast.

After “significant progress” was made Saturday, Mort reports the NFLPA* executive committee is expected to meet in Washington D.C. Monday to recommend the ratification of the next collective bargaining agreement.

“De Smith and Roger Goodell have worked directly to assure that nothing goes off path,” Mortensen writes. “Expect a presser Monday.”

It’s uncertain how the hanging details were settled and whether there will be a seven-year opt out for the ten-year deal.  After the union reconstitutes, the two sides will still have to collectively bargain issues like player discipline.

DeMaurice Smith has reportedly assured Goodell that those issues would be handled in time for the first full week of the preseason to go on schedule.   The NFL’s labor committee had a conference call Saturday that helped push the ball forward.

“Welcome back football,” Adam Schefter writes.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer is a little less certain in his timeline.  He reports talks are ongoing and the NFLPA* executive committee is on “standby” for Monday.

We’ve learned that a deal isn’t done until it’s done, so we’re tempering our optimism slightly.

But folks that had July 25th in their office lockout pool should be feeling pretty good.

via Report: NFLPA* expected to meet Monday, recommend ratification of deal | ProFootballTalk.

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