6 Early predictions for the 2016 Big Ten football season

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[tps_title]3. First-year coaches will not fair well in 2016[/tps_title]

Come next season, the Big Ten will have four new head coaches. Rutgers’ Chris Ash, Illinois’ Bill Cubit, Maryland’s D. J. Durkin, and Minnesota’s Tracey Claeys all have their work cut out for them.

Ash and Cubit, in particular, are inheriting Big Ten bottom three football programs and Ash, in particular, will be in a division with an upstart Indiana squad, traditional Penn State, and powerhouses Michigan, MSU, and the Ohio State.

My fear will be that these gentlemen will get swallowed up in the chaos of theMaryland_Terrapins2 2016 Big Ten season and very likely could have none of them finish with a .500 record.

The only hope for the newcomers will be Durkin. He seems to be the only one really capable of coming into a program and changing the culture quickly. Durkin’s experience at Stanford, Florida, and U of M will prepare him for the long struggle against the power three of UM, MSU, and OSU, but year one doesn’t seem like the best time to predict a bowl berth.

Not just yet, but soon for the Terrapins.

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