Stephen A. Smith says Isaiah Stewart should be suspended multiple games for altercation with LeBron James

On Sunday night, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James lost his cool and hit Detroit Pistons F Isaiah Stewart in the eye and mouth, causing him to bleed all over the place. Following the play, Stewart did everything he could to get to James, including running over people.


Because of the altercation, all of the talking heads around the country are weighing in on whether or not James and/or Stewart should be suspended for their actions.

Stephen A. Smith has now given his thoughts and he believes that both players should be suspended.

From Detroit Free Press:

“He’s gotta be suspended,” Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s First Take on Monday. “I totally agree with Anthony Davis from the standpoint, he does not have a reputation as a dirty player, that’s not who LeBron James is. But that doesn’t mean that the play wasn’t dirty. You swung your elbow. And because you swung your elbow and it caused that kind of damage, that’s what sparked the incident. 

“I don’t know much about Isaiah Stewart, respect his talent … he’s built like a middle linebacker. When he initially went up to LeBron James, he didn’t go up like that. But how he acted thereafter, I think he deserves to be suspended for multiple games. You cannot, you cannot act like that. He ran over numerous players, numerous coaches. I’m not talking about having to restrain him. He bulldozed over several dudes, including coaches who are obviously older men. He could have done harm to his teammates. We know he didn’t intend to do that. But because of the Malice at the Palace, look at what that caused. You had the league more stringent with rules and regulations. Rules have been extremely excessive to prevent anything close to that from happening. He looked completely out of of control. And then after that he storms into the locker room.”

“(LeBron) knew he was wrong cause he swung his elbow. All of that extra stuff Isaiah Stewart did was completely uncalled for. He was out of control and you can’t have that. He was bulldozing over his own coaches. You don’t know how hurt you could have made one of them trying to restrain you. That was completely uncalled for and you can’t have that.”

Nation, what suspensions do you believe should be handed out?

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  1. NBA setting bad precedent! You throw a Punch buss someone eye and lip but the victim gets punished harder! Starting ok vs escalating bad? FOOH ! Very American #doublestandards!


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