Michigan State, Notre Dame play to 10-10 tie in ‘Game of the Century’

Michigan State

When you go down the list of Michigan State’s biggest rivals, the list obviously begins with Michigan, but who’s number two? Is it Ohio State or Wisconsin? Is it Penn State? No, it’s undoubtedly the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. While Michigan State doesn’t have the greatest lineage as far as college football history, there … Read more

Top 10 greatest Michigan State Football players of all-time

Recently, we listed the 10 greatest Spartan football players of the 21st century. This time we are busting open the history books, blowing some dust off some of the names, giving them a bit of a spit-shine, and bringing them to the forefront. To be fair to the names both on and off of this … Read more

Seven former Michigan State University football players diagnosed with CTE

According to new data released on Wednesday, 138 players from over 100 college football programs have been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Michigan State University had more players (7) with discovered cases of CTE in former players than any other university. Players representing every Power 5 conference have been diagnosed and the Big Ten has 22 total. CTE was defined by Dr. Jon … Read more

Former Michigan State All-American Bubba Smith had CTE

There aren’t many more notable Michigan State notable alums than former Spartan football player Bubba Smith. Smith was a two-time All-American defensive end at Michigan State in the 1960s who used his 6-foot-7, 280 pound frame to punish anybody foolish enough to get in front of his warpath. In 1965, Smith led a Spartans defense that … Read more