Medical experts weigh in on latest CTE research

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts

A study published recently has drawn attention to the extremely high instance of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in football players. The study, led by Dr. Ann McKee, investigated signs of CTE in the donated brains of deceased people who had participated in football. Among the 111 brains investigated that were from former NFL players, 110 (99%) of … Read more

Concussions, A DSN Exclusive – Part 3: Prevention And The Future Of Sports

Concussions have been a hot topic in the sports world in recent years. Increasing research and findings of progressive health issues associated with concussions are forcing us to rethink our priorities regarding sports participation. There are cultural implications as well. The game of football is extremely popular and ingrained in American culture. Do we have a responsibility … Read more

Seven former Michigan State University football players diagnosed with CTE

According to new data released on Wednesday, 138 players from over 100 college football programs have been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Michigan State University had more players (7) with discovered cases of CTE in former players than any other university. Players representing every Power 5 conference have been diagnosed and the Big Ten has 22 total. CTE was defined by Dr. Jon … Read more

Concussions, A DSN Exclusive – Part 2: Symptoms and Treatment

Part 2 of our 3-part series on player safety in football continues today with discussion from our experts on symptoms and treatment of concussions. Part 1 of our series dealt with the definition of a concussion and debunking some widespread myths about that type of injury. Once again, our experts Harvard Medical graduate Dr. Jon Lieff and … Read more

Concussions, A DSN Exclusive Series – Part 1: What Is A Concussion?

Concussions are a major issue facing sports today and the National Football League has faced much of the criticism regarding player safety. The league has addressed the issue head on by launching a new player safety initiative. Many players have come forward expressing concern about concussions and long-term health effects including Detroit Lions players Golden Tate and DeAndre Levy. Other players, like T.J. … Read more