Bear’s Bets: Your sports gambling guide for Independence Day weekend

The world of sports is at a standstill going into Independence Day weekend; a strange sight for all of us here in the States. This change of circumstances hasn’t stopped things overseas and even in pockets of our homeland, however, and the Bear Bets is here to give you the best options on money lines, … Read more

Chelsea cancel championship parade in light of Manchester attack

Chelsea F.C. had themselves a very successful 2016-2017 campaign in the English Premier League. They finished first in the league and won their first EPL title since 2014-2015 and have the chance to win the FA Cup for the first time since 2011-2012 this Saturday. Despite the grand accomplishments of Chelsea this year, they made … Read more

LOOK: English soccer team vandalizes own coach by mistake

Soccer fans are well renowned for their passion for the clubs they support. There have been many documented cases of English Premier fans taking things to another level to show their fandom for their team. One such fan base of Crystal Palace FC decided to use vandalism to express their support. Hilariously enough, the fans … Read more

Detroit Sports Nation’s guide to soccer

Like it or not, soccer is growing in America and coming to Detroit. Many who have heard about the world’s most popular sport seem to have a lack of real knowledge about it. With the very real possibility of the MLS coming to Detroit, we have compiled a few things that everyone in Detroit should know about … Read more