Top 15 college football programs this century

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[tps_title]1. The Alabama Crimson Tide[/tps_title]

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We are truly witnessing history in the making.

Not only have the Crimson Tide run away with the new century, they are beating everyone down to prove it. Four national titles have gone through Tuscaloosa and the terrifying part is they don’t seem to be finished either. Every single year, Nick Saban comes back with an entirely new roster overturned due to NFL talent departing, proving again why this program is not only special, but better than anyone else.

There are currently 42 players are in the NFL from the University of Alabama. Of those 42, 17 are first-round draft picks, six are linebackers and three are running backs. Despite that drastic overturn of NFL talent year in and year out, Alabama still has eight straight double-digit win seasons, and finishing in the top ten each of said seasons as well.

To close this list I leave you with these final Alabama stats to solidify their position: Nick Saban is 100-18 in ten years at Alabama, they have been No. 1 in the country at least once in each of the last nine years, and Alabama is 62-7 since 2011.

Case Closed.

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Posted by Dylan Bair
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