Wayne Fontes reveals how many Super Bowls his Detroit Lions teams would have won with Matthew Stafford

Ever since he came to the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford was a lightning rod amongst both the fans and the media, both local and national.

Though it seemed like most eventually came around on Stafford, admitting that he is a very good quarterback who has been forced to play with minimal talent, there are still plenty of haters out there who say he was the primary reason why the Lions did not win a playoff game during his tenure.

That being said, let’s flashback to a couple of years ago when former Lions head coach Wayne Fontes was asked about how his teams would have fared if Stafford was the quarterback.

“We’d have won four or five Super Bowls with him,” Fontes said. “I love this guy. He’s a super star. If I had him, I might still be working.”

Fontes was joking about still coaching in his late 70s, but he was deadly serious about what the Lions could have done with Stafford throwing to Herman Moore, Brett Perriman and Johnnie Morton, handing off to Barry Sanders, and playing behind an underrated offensive line that had Pro Bowlers in center Kevin Glover and left tackle Lomas Brown.

“He’s very, very tough,” Fontes said. “He can run. He’s a thrower.

“If I don’t have a quarterback, give me Barry Sanders. Then we have a chance.”

It is safe to say that Fontes wishes he had Stafford back when he was calling the shots for the Detroit Lions.

Nation, do you think the Fontes-coached Lions would have won a Super Bowl had Matthew Stafford been his quarterback?

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