What NFL scouts said about Jared Goff before the 2016 Draft

What NFL scouts said about Jared Goff before the 2016 Draft

What NFL scouts said about Jared Goff before the 2016 Draft

Jared Goff is currently the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions, but, as you probably know, he was originally selected by the Los Angeles Rams as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Though the Rams decided to take Goff No. 1 overall, many NFL scouts had varying opinions of him at the time. In a recent article published on GoLongTd.com, Bob McGinn revealed what some of those scouts said about Goff.

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What Did NFL Scouts Say About Jared Goff Before He Was Drafted?

AFC scout: “In terms of arm talent, he’s like (Jay) Cutler. Skinny kid. Gets hit a bunch. He doesn’t see everything. Accuracy is off at times, but he’s talented. He can really spin it. Really good feet.”

NFC scout: “You see the accuracy. I just thought there was something missing. In a really big situation, you weren’t surprised to see Peyton Manning make a big play. In the big situation, I thought this guy couldn’t do it all by himself.”

NFC scout: “The guy’s won-lost record is atrocious. He (couldn’t) win there and you want him to be the face of your franchise? I just don’t see him having that winner quality about him. He’s got an arm but it’s not great. They do a lot of that dink-and-dunk offense, a lot of that false production. He gets rattled by pressure. Everything has kind of got to be under control for him.”

AFC scout: “He can be real good. He had one bad game that they want to put a noose around his neck. Utah, and he was bad. But he’s a quick-release guy. He runs out of a gun (shotgun offense), and that’s always an issue.”

AFC scout: “Extremely accurate. Amazing feet, pocket presence. Very similar to (Tom) Brady in that way. Strong arm. Can make all the throws … and with very good accuracy. Shortcomings? He weighs more now (spring 2016) than when he was playing (fall 2015) but he has such a slight build. He needs to get stronger. I’m sure he will once he gets in the league. And having played in that spread system he will need to take snaps under center and make adjustments.”

NFC scout: “He’ll go from No. 1 to No. 6 or No. 7, and he’s just a guy, really. He lacks innate natural accuracy and arm strength. Accuracy is the most important thing.

NFC scout: “I like Goff. I don’t love Goff. We worked him out yesterday. He’s got a good arm but (Paxton) Lynch has the best arm. It ain’t even close.”


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Why it Matters

To be completely honest, it does not matter one bit what NFL scouts had to say about Goff prior to the 2016 NFL Draft. Ever since he was traded to the Lions, Goff has gotten better and better, and it is just a matter of time before he signs a huge contract extension. He has played at a very high level, and if he continues to do so, the Lions are going to win meaningful football games in January, and hopefully in February.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Mixed Reviews: NFL scouts had varying opinions about Jared Goff before the 2016 NFL Draft. While some praised his arm talent and accuracy, others questioned his ability to perform in high-pressure situations and his track record.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses: Scouts recognized Goff's quick release, accuracy, and pocket presence as strengths. However, concerns were raised about his build, arm strength, and performance under pressure.
  3. Goff's Progress: Despite the pre-draft evaluations, Jared Goff has shown significant improvement in his career, especially after joining the Detroit Lions. His performance and potential for a contract extension indicate that he's on a path to success.

Bottom Line: Proving the Haters Wrong

While the opinions of NFL scouts prior to the 2016 Draft were mixed, Jared Goff's trajectory has been upward since joining the Detroit Lions. His performance suggests that these assessments are not set in stone, and Goff has the potential to lead the Lions to meaningful victories in the future.