Why ‘home’ Buffalo Bills won’t use ‘home’ locker room at Ford Field

The Buffalo Bills will host the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field.

By now, you have almost certainly heard that thanks to an epic amount of snow in Western New York, Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns has been moved from Buffalo to Detroit. With Highmark Stadium absolutely covered in snow, the NFL made the decision on Thursday that due to safety reasons, the game would be moved to Ford Field. The Bills, of course, will be the home team for their game against the Browns, but it will be the Browns that will be using the Detroit Lions‘ home locker room at Ford Field.

Buffalo Bills

Why won't the Buffalo Bills use the home locker room at Ford Field?

So, why won't the home Buffalo Bills use the home locker room at Ford Field on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns?

Well, the answer to that question is quite simple, and it makes perfect sense.

According to a report from Ian Rapoport, the Bills will use the visitor locker room at Ford Field since that is the locker room they will be using on Thanksgiving Day when they take on the Detroit Lions.

From Ian Rapoport:

Buffalo will use the visiting locker room to stay consistent with what it'll use on Thanksgiving Day when it plays the Lions.

Nation, who do you think will win Sunday's game between the Bills and the Browns?