Writer says 2023 Detroit Lions will regret their offseason

This writer clearly does not thing the 2023 Detroit Lions will have much success. This writer is also 100% wrong!

I have been a fan of the Detroit Lions for a very long time, and I cannot remember a time in my life when the hype surrounding the team was as high as it currently is. Since taking over for Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn, Dan Campbell and have established a new locker room culture, while revamping what was a lousy roster. But could the 2023 Detroit Lions regret what they did this past offseason?

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Writer says 2023 Detroit Lions will regret their offseason

Alex Kay of Bleacher Report recently released a list of NFL teams who will regret the decisions they made in the offseason, and the Lions made the list. Here is a bullet-point summary of what Kay had to say about the Lions regretting the moves they made this past off-season.

  • The Detroit Lions managed to pull off an impressive midseason turnaround in the 2022 season, ending with a 9-8 record despite an early stumble to a 1-6 score.
  • Despite a promising 2022 season, the team's playoff aspirations were unfulfilled, but they provided fans with hope for the 2023 season and beyond.
  • However, the Lions' 2023 off-season decisions have been questionable, potentially setting back the franchise's progress.
  • In the 2023 draft, the Lions drafted Jahmyr Gibbs at No. 12 overall, who was seen as the second-best running back in the class, but analysts believe this selection was made prematurely.
  • The consensus No. 1 back Bijan Robinson was believed to be a more valuable pick for the No. 12 spot.
  • The Lions traded back from their original No. 6 spot to get Gibbs, missing the chance to get potential defensive players like Tyree Wilson or Jalen Carter.
  • As part of the trade, the Lions also acquired the No. 34 pick, which they used to draft tight end Sam LaPorta. Despite this, analysts believe the traded players would have had a more significant impact.
  • The Lions did make an effort to strengthen their defense, which was one of the weakest in the 2022 league, by selecting Jack Campbell at No. 18 overall. However, this choice is seen as lacking value due to Campbell's projected role as an off-ball linebacker.
  • Several elite off-ball linebackers were taken on Day 2 or later in previous drafts, including Fred Warner, Lavonte David, and Demario Davis.
  • The success of the Lions' draft choices, particularly Gibbs and Campbell, in their early careers, will be critical to determining if the decisions to draft them were wise or regrettable.
  • The 2023 Detroit Lions' hopes of contending are on the line after a prolonged rebuilding period, and a significant part of this aspiration rests on their two first-round draft picks.
  • If Gibbs and Campbell do not live up to expectations, this could be an offseason that the 2023 Detroit Lions will wish they could redo.
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Bottom Line: The Future is BRIGHT in Detroit

With all due respect for Alex Kay, I completely disagree that the 2023 Detroit Lions will regret the moves they made in the off-season. Were a couple of Brad Holmes' decisions questionable? Sure. But he made decisions that he believes are best for the Lions' roster, not only for 2023, but also for the future, and it seems unlikely that he will second-guess himself at the conclusion of the season. The Lions are not only going to win their division in 2023, but they are also going to win at least one playoff game. BOOK IT!