Detroit Lions Draft Preview: Evans vs Watkins


ThDetroit Lions news and rumorse Detroit Lions have a lot of holes to fill on their roster, and the 2014 NFL Draft is sure to be a big day for them. Many believe the Lions need a solid WR in the first round, because these kinds of talented receivers only come around once every few years. The top two receivers in the draft are Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans, they both could make an immediate impact on the Lions offense.

Mike Evans wins the size battle over Sammy Watkins. Evans is 6’5”, and he can really get up and make a big catch. With that kind of size, it is almost a no-brainer that he would fit right into the Lions offense. There is a lot the kid could learn from Calvin Johnson, and with Golden Tate in the slot, that would give Detroit one of the most talented receiver cores in the NFL.

Sammy Watkins is one of the most talented receivers to come out of the draft in a few years, and he would be hard for the Lions to snatch up. With good reason, though. He’s blazing fast. Sammy Watkins posts a 40 time of 4.4 seconds, and he’s as physical as they get. He prides himself in his willingness to go out and make plays, whether it be scoring or blocking. Sammy Watkins will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL; let’s just hope he will be dominating defenses for Detroit.

~Travis Newville


  1. Trade Fairley Ridiculous & a third rounder next year to move up & draft Clowney. And here Weeeeeee come!

  2. Another receiver? Really????? So we plan on winning games 35-34 since we have no secondary????? Defense wins games!!!!!

  3. Clowney? Really I think that's far fetched and wouldn't be a good pick. Our defensive line isn't our problem it's our corners we need a dominate shut down corner. We got safety's with Quinn and the guy from the ravens. Linebackers with levy and tulloch. N our d line is fine. Go with Gilbert with our pick at 10 and draft kelvin Benjamin outta Florida state if available in the 2nd round if u don't know him get to cause the dudes a monster

  4. I am probably among the minority that believes our corners are pretty good and we have experienced depth. They kept us in a lot of games last year and were banged up a lot. With that being said I believe a great relationship has begun to be established with Watkins. So if we truly have win now mentality lets get the guy who obviously wants to be a Lion. Get Watkins.

  5. I don't think the LIONS should waste a draft pick on a WR we have some of the best recievers there is in the league we have Johnson, Tate Pettigrew,Furina and bell is good at recieveing and running and so is bush don't waste a draft pick on a WR

  6. Trade Suh for the Clowney or Mack pick, and Evans with the 10th. Or go all Defense with Clowney and Barr.

  7. Why would we spend the 10th pick on Gilbert .. Besides Peterson, cornerbacks in the first round usually don't pan out in the first or second year! And at the 10th pick you want someone that can make an impact! If we can get Mack, Barr or Evans that would be good unless we trade down!

  8. There is no cb that is going to make a difference/impact right away, that is the hardest position to make the transition into the NFL from college. We have a young secondary that has time to and room for massive improvement. Watkins or Evans would make a huge contribution immediately, making us one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. Take a risk on a defensive back that in 3 years might make a difference or a WR that will one day take the place of Calvin as our #1 and make a huge impact right away. Hmmm.... that's a tough one I got it Draft the WR strengthen our team immediately then in free agency next year grab a vet cb that's knows the NFL.


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