40-year-old Jerry Stackhouse schools high school players in a polo and low tops

I know, I know. This is what a former NBA All-Star should be doing to high school competition. Yet somehow, I still find it strangely entertaining.

Every teenage up-and-comer needs a reality check every now and again. And for the handful of prospects willing to go toe-to-toe with 40-year-old former Pistons guard Jerry Stackhouse this past May at the Adidas Nations camp in Houston, that’s exactly what they got.

Wearing a polo shirt and a casual pair of lowtops, Stackhouse operated with minimal effort, not even breaking a sweat during his array of jab steps, headfakes, and fallaways.

Perhaps some of my joy stems from knowing that most, if not all, high schoolers on this tape weren’t even born when Stackhouse initially joined the Pistons in 1998. To some, he may have just been known as the dude who averaged 4.8 points per game for the Nets in 2013.

A few of those fellers probably learned a thing or two that day. As it turns out, when you’ve carved out an 18-year NBA career that included a 57-point performance, a 29.8 scoring average in 2001, and a couple of clutch playoff performances for good measure, you’re probably going to be schooling the rest of the world until you’re 50 and beyond.

Play on, Stack.

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