A Very, Very Early Look At Offensive, Defensive Rookie Of The Year Awards


The 2013 NFL Draft is officially in the books, which means that all 32 teams have new parts to fit into their system. We might be months away from the first game of the 2013 season, but that does not mean we can’t speculate a bit on who might shine the brightest amongst first-year talents. Here are the two biggest favorites for each award right now.


Offensive Rookie of the year

Tavon Austin

This year was low on elite offensive talent, but most scouts agree that Austin fits into that category. It will help him quite a bit that he will be on a Rams team that will want to utilize him right away. He has an incredible combination of speed and catching ability that makes up for his below average size. Since he is so talented, and he has so much opportunity to make an impact on a bad team, he has to be at the top of the discussion at this point.  As a late pick in your fantasy football 2013 draft you could do a lot worse.


Tyler Eifert

While Geno Smith is also tempting, Eifert seems like a safer pick to have an immediate impact. Once again, he fell into the laps of the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that needs a tight end with his skill set. Yes, AJ Green is the star receiver on the team, and the Bengals have Jermaine Gresham already, but Cincinnati will be looking to pass the ball a lot this year. This could evolve a bit into a scenario similar to Atlanta. Despite having a ton of different targets, Matt Ryan moves the ball around a lot. If the Bengals finish with an even better record than a year ago, Eifert could be the difference maker.


Defensive Rookie Of The Year


Kenny Vaccaro

The New Orleans Saints have had a pretty pathetic defense the last few seasons, and a lot of that has to do with their inability to limit top quarterbacks. Their division is loaded with above average quarterbacks, so it was essential that they improved their defense this year. Vaccaro should start right away, and star for the defense at safety. His ability to excel in nearly every type of coverage will make quarterbacks think twice before throwing his way.


Ezekiel Ansah

Much has been made of late start to football, but obviously the Lions were sold on him when they took him 5th overall. Detroit is really not a bad team, and if they can stay healthy, they will compete for the playoffs. Ansah fits perfectly into their system, and he should get a lot of playing time.