Amon-Ra St. Brown and C.J. Gardner-Johnson give hilarious answers on Celebrity Family Feud

Last night on Celebrity Family Feud, Amon-Ra St. Brown and C.J. Gardner-Johnson were asked, "Name something you see a woman eating that turns you on."

On Sunday night, the world got to witness a different side of the Detroit Lions players, and it was a total treat. Celebrity Family Feud, the long-running game show hosted by Steve Harvey, had the pleasure of hosting the Lions' top wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and top safety, C.J. Gardner-Johnson. As predicted, both players didn't hold back, treating viewers to a side-splitting display of wit and humor.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Celebrity Family Feud

Amon-Ra St. Brown and Gardner-Johnson Steal The Show

The Lions duo, known for their outgoing personalities, were in their element. Their answers had the audience in stitches, but one response, in particular, stood out. The question presented by Harvey was: “Name something you see a woman eating that turns you on.” A question that could easily lead to controversy was handled with humor and light-heartedness by the duo.

The Answers That Had Everyone Talking

St. Brown, always quick on his feet on the field, showed that his quick wit extends beyond the gridiron as he responded with “Strawberries” and “Chewing Gum”. Gardner-Johnson, never one to shy away from making bold plays, gave a somewhat cheekier response, saying, “Banana!” The audience exploded in laughter, with Harvey himself not able to keep a straight face.

Lions' Pride in Full Display

While the players' humor and charisma were entertaining, their appearance on the show also shone a positive light on the team. It was a breath of fresh air seeing the lighter side of these highly competitive athletes and their ability to make people laugh just as effectively as they can make a stadium roar in anticipation.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson Amon-Ra St. Brown Celebrity Family Feud

Key Points

  1. Amon-Ra St. Brown and C.J. Gardner-Johnson represented the Detroit Lions on Celebrity Family Feud.
  2. St. Brown and Gardner-Johnson gave entertaining responses to host Steve Harvey's question about what food a woman might eat that could be seen as attractive.
  3. The duo’s performance on the show was well-received, leaving fans entertained and amused.

Video Highlights From Celebrity Family Feud

The Bottom Line

The appearance of St. Brown and Gardner-Johnson on Celebrity Family Feud was more than just a night of laughter and fun. It was a testament to their outgoing personalities and their ability to connect with fans on a different level, off the football field. The Detroit Lions should be proud to have such entertaining and engaging ambassadors for the team, showing that they're more than just players – they're characters too. On a lighter note, the next time you see a woman eating a strawberry, chewing gum, or a banana, you'll probably be reminded of this hilarious episode!