Amon-Ra St. Brown has PERFECT mindset heading into Year 3

If Amon-Ra St. Brown does not retires as a Detroit Lion, we are going to be very sad.

As the Detroit Lions gear up for the new season, their star wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown brings an invigorating mindset to the table. St. Brown, heading into his third NFL season, refuses to rest on his past laurels. Despite his rapid ascent in the Lions' ranks, St. Brown remains grounded, echoing the sentiment that one is “only as good as your last year.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Amon-Ra St. Brown has PERFECT mindset heading into Year 3

This mindset serves as a testament to St.Brown's relentless pursuit of excellence and his dedication to continuous improvement. St. Brown, speaking to reporters, highlighted that the upcoming season represents a clean slate, with everyone starting on the same footing.

 “I feel like you’re only as good as your last year,” St. Brown said. “This is a new year. We’re all at zero. I have zero catches. Zero touchdowns. I’m the same as everyone else. So, I feel like you’ve got to restart each year.”

His drive is further fueled by media commentary and criticism, which he uses as a motivation to prove naysayers wrong.

“You guys like to write stuff, and I don't forget things that I see,” St. Brown added. “I like to prove people wrong,” 

Since being selected in the fourth round 2021 NFL Draft, St. Brown has done precisely that, rising through the ranks to establish himself as a premier receiver in Detroit. His back-to-back standout performances, including a rookie franchise record for receiving yards and a 1,000-yard season in 2022, have catapulted him into the limelight.

Key Points

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown heads into his third season with a fresh start mentality.
  • Despite his success, St. Brown refuses to rest on his past achievements.
  • He uses criticism and media commentary as motivation to improve.
  • St. Brown has quickly established himself as a premier receiver in Detroit.
  • His consistent performances earned him a Pro Bowl nod in 2022.
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Bottom Line – St. Brown Roaring into Year 3

Amon-Ra St. Brown's mindset and work ethic, coupled with his undeniable talent, paint a promising picture for his third NFL season. His commitment to improvement, even in the face of success, underlines his potential for continued growth. As St. Brown resets for a fresh start, he not only reinforces his stature as a leading receiver but also embodies the spirit of the relentless competitor that the Detroit Lions need in their pursuit of excellence.


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