Benched Javier Baez explains why he forgot how many outs there were

If you happened to tune in for Thursday night's game between the Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays, you saw Javier Baez make a pair of mistakes in the second inning, with the second one resulting in him getting benched by AJ Hinch. Following the game, Baez spoke to the media about what happened prior to his benching.

Javier Baez

Key Points

  • Baez did not run hard out of the box on his double off the wall in the second inning
  • Baez forgot how many outs there were in the same inning
  • AJ Hinch spoke to Baez between innings, letting know that he was done for the game

What did Javier Baez do?

In the second inning, Javier Baez hit a double off the left-field wall, marking his first extra-base hit of the season. However, Baez did not run at full speed from the batter's box, as he mistakenly believed that he had hit a home run. Then, the Tigers shortstop compounded the mistake by forgetting how many outs there were before getting doubled up at second base.

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Baez explains why he forgot how many outs there were

Following the game, Baez was asked about what happened and though he said he had no excuses, he seemed to make one.

“My mind is everywhere right now,” Baez said. “I'm just trying to focus on my hitting and my timing and all this stuff. “The only reason I lost the count of the outs, it was because I was hitting sixth. I thought I was the third batter in that inning. That's the only reason.”

“Anybody can make a mistake, but at this point, the way we're playing and the way I'm playing, it's obviously going to be worse. If I'm hot and I have 7 homers and I made that same mistake, I would've stayed in the game. I've got no excuses.”

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