Best of College Football: Cheers and Chants

College football brings out the most visceral and riveting circumstances in all of sports. Nothing brings the sheer energy of college football to light better than a momentous third down stand or a long first down to sustain a long drive. The bands come alive and the fans start cheering with all of their might and force. We have before us the best of the best in those moments, in the thralls of battle.

For fans of college football, as summer draws near, the countdown towards the upcoming football season behgins. Here are the best defensive cheers and chants that college football has to offer, in no particular order:

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Clemson Tigers | ‘Rage Defense’ Cheer

This defensive cheer has become more prevalent with the recent success of the current defending champion Tigers. It has become a mainstay, especially for primetime matchups in Death Valley.

Alabama Crimson Tide | ‘Les Miserables’ Defense, Third Down

The Million Dollar Band does a great service to a classic musical with this tune. They bring in a marching band spin on a powerful ballad to amp up the crowd on third down.

LSU Tigers | ‘Geaux Tigers’ First Down Cheer

A blaring brass section pierces through the air reminding everyone in attendance that the Tigers are on the move again. Les Miles did his best not to have this heard often, but it’s still a classic reminder of the South’s quality of chants.

Michigan Wolverines | ‘Let’s Go Blue’ Chant

There are many imitators of this famous chant. U of M has perfected it however, and it has become such a strong mainstay at home and away games for the Wolverines.

Deion Sanders responds to comments made by Nick Saban

Ohio State Buckeyes | ‘O-H-I-O’ Chant

Usually the structure of a chant is a shout-and-response structure. Ohio State’s O-H-I-O chant brings all corners of the Horseshoe together to intimidate all who oppose them.

Florida State Seminoles | War Chant

This had to be on here somewhere. It’s a classic and the personification of college football chants and cheers at its finest.

Arkansas Razorbacks | ‘Woo Pig Sooie’

Can’t knock a school for being unique. It also is a very interesting phrase considering their mascot and not easily replicated.

Ole Miss Rebels | ‘Hotty Toddy’ Chant

I am going to give credit for this chant solely on the premise that there’s a lot to remember there. I still haven’t remembered all the words, but I do know it’s pretty awesome to hear 50,000+ all doing it in rapid succession.

Florida Gators | Gator Bait

Just the name for this one is pretty cool. Add to it that this is a defensive cheer and you have yourself a very intimidating sound blistering through the swampy air of Gainesville.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish | Celtic Chant

While I do get painful flashbacks of 2006 every time I hear this, the power and might of such a unique chant is really impressive. The arm movement being so unique, along with the cultural relevance of it being an actual Celtic chant is something I really appreciate.

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