Deflategate Update: “Person of Interest” Moved Balls to Undisclosed Location

There’s been a break in the deflation situation. The NFL is now focusing in on a New England Patriots locker room attendant who allegedly took the game balls for last Sunday’s AFC championship game from the locker room to an undisclosed location before transporting them to the field.

The league has interviewed the attendant in question and claims to have video evidence.

For those who have been fortunate enough to avoid news on the controversy known as “Deflategate” up to this point, the issue at hand stems from Indianapolis Colts allegations that the Patriots appeared to be using under-inflated footballs during their offensive possessions of their January 18th AFC championship matchup . The NFL subsequently opened an investigation, which found a majority of New England’s balls to below regulation inflation. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady denied any involvement in the controversy, however, claiming he doesn’t like people touching his balls after he’s selected them for the game.

If you think this case is coming to a close soon, you are sadly mistaken.  According to Ted Wells, the investigator hired to handle this case, this investigation will likely carry on for several more weeks.

In a statement, Wells said: “We are following customary investigative procedures and no one should draw any conclusions about the sequence of interviews or any other steps, all of which are part of the process of doing a thorough and fair investigation.”

Buckle up, this one’s going to be a long, tedious, and overly saturated ride.

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