The Detroit Lions have released a video to introduce you to the new Cheerleaders and well, we are more than happy to share.

Check out the full list of cheerleaders here. You c an also follow them on Twitter.

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Along with a whole new front office, this Lions off-season has seen the Lions open up to bringing in a Cheer squad, something owner William Clay Ford had been against for, well, ever.

Team President Rod Wood explains how the Cheer team will bring a whole new level of entertainment to the Lions team. The Lions were one of only six NFL teams to not have cheerleaders.

“It was a process we went through very thoughtfully,” Wood said. “We listened not only to our fans — not only at that event, but surveys we did at other events and focus groups that we did with our fans. One of the things I think we have to focus on is what we can do to create an environment in the stadium for those people coming to the games in person to enjoy not only the game, but to have entertainment that will keep the fan base excited and ramped up to create a great home-field advantage.

“And one of the things that kind of came out loud and clear was a request to consider having cheerleaders.”