Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Jaguars: Offense

Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Jaguars: Offense

Many anticipate the Detroit Lions to boast one of the NFL’s premier offenses in 2023. However, their performance on Saturday against the Jacksonville Jaguars suggested otherwise. With quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater and Nate Sudfeld at the helm, the Lions managed a mere 131 yards throughout the game. It’s worth noting that the lineup the Lions presented against the Jaguars wasn’t their starting roster, which is set to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. Nonetheless, the Lions’ offensive players who took the field during this game left a lot to be desired.

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Detroit Lions Offensive PFF Grades vs. Jaguars

Here is how Pro Football Focus graded the Lions’ offensive players against the Jaguars:

Detroit Lions PFF Grades
Detroit Lions PFF Grades

As you can see above, the Lions’ Top 5 offensive players against the Giants, according to Pro Football Focus, are as follows:

  • Ryan Swoboda 74.9
  • Nate Sudfeld 72.9
  • James Mitchell 71.5
  • Matt Nelson 71.1
  • Germain Ifedi 70.1

As for the Bottom 5…

  • Jason Cabinda 35.7
  • Colby Sorsdal 36.9
  • Bobby Hart 40.9
  • Darrin Paulo 44.3
  • Dylan Drummond 45.9

Wait, What?!?!

Last week, after a rough performance (at least according to my eyes) against the Giants, Lions quarterback Nate Sudfeld posted the fourth-highest offensive PFF grade, which seemed absurd. Now, one week later, after a HORRENDOUS performance against the Jaguars, Sudfeld has earned the second-highest offensive PFF grade for the Lions with a 72.9. Through 2 preseason games, Sudfeld is actually tied for the highest offensive PFF score on the Lions. This type of thing continues to happen and it makes me really wonder what the PFF analysts are watching.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Discrepancy Between Expectation and Performance: Despite the high expectations surrounding the Detroit Lions as having one of the most potent offenses in the NFL for 2023, their showing against the Jacksonville Jaguars painted a contrasting picture.
  2. Pro Football Focus Grades Indicate Mixed Results: Pro Football Focus (PFF) grading of the Lions’ offensive players against the Jaguars revealed a diverse range of performance metrics. The top five Lions’ offensive players, led by Ryan Swoboda with a grade of 74.9, appeared to have performed decently, with scores in the seventies. On the other end of the spectrum, the bottom five grades, with Jason Cabinda at 35.7, indicate significant areas of concern and potential weaknesses in the lineup.
  3. Controversy Surrounding Nate Sudfeld’s PFF Grades: There is a surprising inconsistency in how quarterback Nate Sudfeld’s performances have been received versus his PFF grades.
Nate Sudfeld Detroit Lions Training Camp Teddy Bridgewater Detroit Lions' starting offense Detroit Lions fans DESTROY Nate Sudfeld

Bottom Line: Unraveling the Detroit Lions PFF Grades Mystery

These PFF grades, especially Sudfeld’s eyebrow-raising numbers, are as puzzling as a Hail Mary with no receivers in sight. When you’re a Lions fan, you learn to ride the rollercoaster of expectations, but you can’t help but scratch your head at the metrics. It’s essential to remember: stats on paper don’t always translate to dominance on the field.

Written by W.G. Brady

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