Detroit Lions RB’s Key Against the Giants

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Theo Riddick is getting a new look for the Detroit Lions. Following Mikel LeShoure’s departure, Riddick has decided to change his number to 25. Other than that, he is expected to take on a bigger role in the Lions’ offense. Riddick had 9 carries in 2013, but he is expected to take a little bit of the workload off of Reggie Bush. If Theo Riddick can cut into the amount of carries that Reggie Bush had last season, then he should be a big part in helping Bush stay healthy.

Joe Lombardi wants to keep his running backs as healthy as possible, so that could mean a decrease in the amount of carries by Reggie Bush. Bush had 223 carries, and Bell had 166 carries in 2013. With Theo Riddick taking on a bigger role, Bush should see his carries drop while Joique Bell’s numbers should stay about the same. This is all part of Joe Lombardi’s plan to keep his running backs healthy, in the long run.

Reggie Bush has dealt with a few injuries in the past, and that could be the one question mark still left on his resume. He did a great job staying healthy in 2013, but instead Bush gave up more fumbles than he would have liked. Reggie Bush missed games in ’07, ’08, ’09, and ’10 due to injuries, and that is what led to the former number 2 overall draft pick being traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Since Bush’s signing with Detroit, he has proven that he can stay healthy for an entire season. Bush still shouldn’t be carrying the ball over 200 times a season, and that is something that Joe Lombardi is well aware of.

Joique Bell is a rising star across the nation, and there are no signs of his game regressing. Bell is the bruising back that perfectly compliments Reggie Bush, and they proved to be one of the best running back tandems in the NFL in 2013. If Bush, Bell, and Riddick all stay healthy, then the Lions could have the deepest running back position in the NFL.

The New York Giants‘ defense struggles against the run, so it will be a good game for Joe Lombardi to show the nation why the Detroit Lions’ running attack should be considered the best.

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  1. The giants don’t wanna see bell, bush, theo, or our full back!!!! Our ground game as a group is easly top 10 in the nfl and our offense of line is easily top 5, if we cut down on the flags and don’t beat ourselves no one else will beat us eather!!! GO!!! LIONS!!!!!

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