Detroit Lions Week 11 Rooting Guide

As we ended Week 10, the Detroit Lions sat atop of the NFC North due to Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and most importantly, Minnesota Vikings all went down with a tally in the loss column. While the Lions and Vikings have the same record, the Lions hold the upper hand with the tie-breaker.

The ever-so-cliche phrase “the Lions control their own destiny” is in use, once again this season, and with our fingers crossed, some luck, and the Lions being able to put together four quarters for each of their remaining seven regular season games, Detroit can win the NFC North for the first time in 25 years, 1991 for those who don’t want to do math.

The object of the rooting guide is to help clear the way for all of the other storylines surrounding each game and give a direct pathway for Detroit to make the playoffs, should they not be able to hold on to the division lead.

*Note: Carolina Panthers defeated New Orleans as of this writing, as of now that game didn’t hold too much barring as both teams are now 4-6.


The obvious

As with previous weeks, we want to pull for the AFC teams OVER the NFC teams.

Baltimore Ravens over Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins over Los Angeles Rams
New England Patriots over San Francisco 49ers (this could also fall under meaningless)


The not so obvious

NFC vs NFC games that could have implications on Detroit in the Wild Card race.

Washington Redskins (6) over Green Bay Packers (Sunday Night)
Arizona Cardinals over Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears over New York Giants (5)
Seattle Seahawks (2) over Philadelphia Eagles

The meaningless

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders (Monday Night) (Mexico)