REPORT: Pistons reluctant to trade Stanley Johnson


Reports are coming out now that teams around the league have been contacting the Detroit Pistons about possibly acquiring second year swingman Stanley Johnson. While the Pistons reportedly remain reluctant to trade Johnson, the conversation on whether or not to trade him is compelling.

Johnson hasn’t seen the court much this year, and while his defense is definitely a valuable commodity, he seems to have hit-or-miss energy and has already been sent to the D-League this year.

Johnson is only averaging three points and two rebounds this year, and if the season keeps going like this, it’s hard to imagine his value being much higher.

It’s always tough to admit defeat on a first round pick, and the jury is still very much out on Johnson, but if the Pistons and Stan Van Gundy really feel that he’s not the answer they thought he was, it’s best to cut ties right now and get what you can for him.