Detroit Tigers are are the 12th in the world’s payroll ranking.

Detroit is one of the few American metropolitan areas that host professional teams representing the four major sports in North America, such as, Baseball (MLB), Ice Hockey (NHL), Football (NFL) and Basketball (NBA). Among the teams of which Detroit is home, Detroit Tigers is the best paying team placed at the 12th position when it comes to the average salary in the world, according to Sporting intelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2015.

The owner of the Detroit Tigers at 12th also owns the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL which is at 92nd regarding the payroll, according to the same survey. As for Detroit’s other teams, the Pistons are 63rd and the Lions are 125th.

In spite of the nickname “Hockeytown”, which Detroit was coined in 1996, almost twenty years later, if you go by the payroll, baseball jumped it over. The Tigers’ biggest earner was pitcher Justin Verlander, who was 10th on the athletes’ top 15 list, at $28 million. That’s more than a third of what Ilitch paid all of his Detroit Red Wings (92nd, at $72.1 million), skyrocketing amounts that would compel anybody to have a look at a few casino games. There’s also Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder, who’s 17th, at $24 million, because of the generous contract he signed with the Tigers.

At the top spot of the survey is Paris Saint-German, the French soccer team is the leader when it comes to the average salary payroll. While PSG players make an average of $9.1 million, ESPN mentioned the leading league is the NBA, whose players make an average of $4.6 million, just ahead of India’s IPL cricket ($4.3 million) and MLB ($4.2 million). The NBA is the highest-paying league as a whole, with 448 players at 30 teams in the 2014-15 season earning the highest average salary per year. The Premier League is the best paying football league in the world paying $3.8 million as an average salary, coming behind NBA and MLB but ahead of NHL ($2.7 million) and NFL ($2.1 million).

The survey says that the Tigers’ payroll was $173.8 million. Throw out European soccer teams, the Tigers are fourth among U.S. teams, behind the Los Angeles Dodgers (5th, $272.8 million), New York Yankees (9th, $219.3 million) and Brooklyn Nets (11th, $193.7 million).

Among the top 15 payers, nine of them are soccer teams, including the top four, while four come from baseball and two from basketball. Six of the 15 top payers are based in the USA and five in England, with two in Spain and one each in France and Germany.

The 2015 report, partially shown below, considers 333 teams in 17 leagues across 13 countries in seven sports: soccer, baseball, basketball, gridiron football, cricket, ice hockey and Australian Rules football.


Rank (’14 Rank) Team, League Avg. Annual ($)
1 (new) Paris Saint-Germain, Ligue 1 9.1M
2 (4) Real Madrid, La Liga 8.6M
3 (1) Manchester City, EPL 8.6M
4 (5) Barcelona, La Liga 8.1M
5 (3) Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB 8M
6 (8) Manchester United, EPL 8M
7 (7) Bayern Munich, Bundesliga 7.7M
8 (10) Chelsea, EPL 7.5M
9 (2) New York Yankees, MLB 7.3M
10 (11) Arsenal , EPL 7M
11 (6) Brooklyn Nets, NBA 6.2M
12 (13) Detroit Tigers, MLB 6.2M
13 (17) San Francisco Giants, MLB 6.2M
14 (20) Liverpool, EPL 6M
15 (12) New York Knicks, NBA 5.9M
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