Detroit Tigers provide update on Reese Olson’s health after win over Texas

The bad news is that Detroit Tigers pitcher Reese Olson became the latest member of the pitching staff to suffer an injury, leaving this afternoon’s game against the Texas Rangers after taking a line drive off the knee. The good news is that Detroit earned a hard-fought 8-5 win, improving to 35-45 in 2023.

Reese Olson Detroit Tigers

What happened to Olson?

Olson was injured and laid on the mound in pain after taking a line drive off the knee in the bottom of the 2nd inning off Rangers infielder Josh Smith:

After a conversation with manager A.J. Hinch and athletic trainer Ryne Eubanks, Olson would indeed depart the game. He was replaced on the mound by Tyler Holton

Both A.J. Hinch and Olson himself provide an update on his status

“The X-Rays were negative, which is good,” Hinch said in the clubhouse. “It was a contusion which doesn’t sound as bad as it probably hurts, so we’ll see over the next couple days what it’s like. Obviously, scary. You don’t like to see another starter down on the ground and in pain, but fortunately, it sounds like a big bruise and we’ll see where it takes us.”

In the words of Olson himself, his injury isn’t that serious, and he’s feeling optimistic.

All good, just a bruise,he said. “I mean, I don’t know if there was much going on besides ‘that hurt’…I’m walking around fine.”

“Optimistic. I think I’ll be ready to go.”

Key Points

  • The Tigers earned an 8-4 win over the Rangers to improve to 35-45
  • Reese Olson left in the 2nd inning after taking a line drive off the knee
  • Both Olson and A.J. Hinch sounded optimistic

Wrapping It Up

The Tigers are heading to the Rocky Mountains for a three-game set against the Colorado Rockies with the chance to make the Minnesota Twins even more nervous by cutting into their division lead.

We hope that Olson will be good to go for his next scheduled start!

Written by Paul Tyler

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