Detroit Lions: The Five Forgotten


What has always intrigued me about professional sports (and most forms of entertainment in that matter) is the rise and fall, surprises and letdowns, and hypes and busts of its athletes.

One game a player is being lauded as the best thing since sliced bread and the next he’s nothing but an afterthought of sorts. It’s the nature of life itself. Stars come and while some flourish, others flicker away. The guys who can sustain and improve are at times the same ones helping lead their team to glory down the road.

The Detroit Lions are not immune to this notion.

Listed are five players I have dubbed “The Forgotten Five.” Players that have shown the ability to make a major impact for the Lions in the past but have either fallen into the shadows of their peers or have been derailed by injuries and/or poor play.

Let’s begin with a player known for the theatrics…