It is an exciting time for us here at Detroit Sports Nation. Over the years, we have continued to evolve to meet the needs of our fans, from how our website was structured, to the articles that we deliver daily. We are entering our next phase, which includes bringing video into the mix.

As we took stock of our current talent, we knew that we had to find someone special to really put us over the top – and then we realized that she had been under our roof the whole time.

Jenna Jones, the host of the First Lady Podcast – brought to you by the Detroit Sports Podcast network, syndicated here on DSN is the future voice of Detroit sports.

Where do I start? I’m 24 years old, Host of the First Lady Show, and an entrepreneurial mind… Now, I am back in my home state, my roots and creator of the First Lady Show. – Jenna Jones

A former correspondent for Fox Sports and ESPN in Arizona, Jenna has looked for the right platform to reach the broadest audience. She wants to be heard, we are here to give her that voice. Jenna will be providing you with live updates on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Series previews, breaking news reactions, NFL picks and more. She will be headlining our upcoming video team, which will continue to grow over the next few months.

(If you are interested in joining our video team, email us)

Jenna has been featured on the website Shes Trending – Check it out

Check out one of Jenna’s past videos:


You can also check out some of Jenna’s past work, as well as listen to her latest Podcast below.

Episode 4:

Jenna discusses the Detroit Lions and the start of training camp, whether she is optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic about the chances for a really successful season!

Guest Logan Lamorandier, Detroit Sports Nation, joins the show for a chat about Jim Caldwell, the Lions new additions to the squad this season, bold predictions.

Plus: Tigers Talk, Jenna’s favorite ballparks she has visited, Jenna’s takes on sporting news and stories guaranteed to make you go hmmmmmm!