Jared Goff explains what Blake Griffin told him when he was traded to Detroit Lions

When Jared Goff was traded to the Detroit Lions, former Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin, who was on his way out of town, tried to cheer him up.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff and former Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin share more than just sports stardom. They've both been first-overall picks in their respective drafts, experienced the triumphs of Los Angeles franchises, and faced the transition to Detroit teams. Griffin was drafted by the Clippers and later moved to the Pistons, while Goff's career progressed from the Rams to the Lions.

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Jared Goff explains what Blake Griffin told him when he was traded to Detroit Lions

This shared journey paved the way for their camaraderie and mutual understanding. Goff admitted that parting from the Rams, his drafting team, was more challenging than he initially perceived. Reflecting on the experience, he confessed it felt “harder than I thought it was in the moment.” The 2021 season was particularly dark for him, both personally and professionally, made tougher by watching his former team clinch the Super Bowl.

“Yeah, it was certainly hard. And I think I've had some time to reflect on it now, being a little bit further away from it. It was harder maybe than I thought it was in the moment. You're just kind of naive to it. And you're just you know, putting your head down every day and going to work.”

“But looking back there were some dark times in that 2021 year and both personally and on the field, just getting through that and glad to say that you kind of come out the other side now and have to have some things to look forward to.”

Despite the trials, Goff expressed gratitude for coming out on the other side with newfound hope. He credited Griffin for his valuable assistance in adjusting to the new environment in Detroit. When Goff was on his way in, Griffin was preparing his exit from Detroit. Nevertheless, Griffin reached out to him, reassuring him.

“Blake did [text]. I think you [Dan Katz] put me on text with Blake. And I think he was actually trying to work his way out of Detroit when I was coming in here. So he was like, You're gonna love it, but I'm kind of leaving soon. But yeah, no, he was a good resource. And yeah, it was funny.”

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Key Points

  • Goff and Griffin were both drafted first overall by Los Angeles teams
  • Both players were later traded to Detroit teams, Pistons for Griffin and Lions for Goff
  • Goff reflects on his challenging transition period, especially the 2021 season
  • Griffin, on his way out of Detroit, reassured Goff about his move to the city

Bottom Line – From LA to Detroit: A Shared Journey

The exchange between Jared Goff and Blake Griffin shines a light on the often-overlooked personal side of sports. Behind the on-field strategies and victories, the narrative presents the shared journeys and mutual support systems that exist within the sports community. Goff's reflections on his challenging transition to the Detroit Lions and the support he received from Griffin provide a glimpse into the resilience, tenacity, and fraternity that forms the backbone of professional sports.