Kelly Stafford fires back at Aaron Rodgers over fake quote about Detroit Lions

Kelly Stafford is at it again but this time it appears as if she fell for a fake quote from Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

On Monday, @NFCNorthNewss on Twitter tweeted out the following fake quote from Rodgers, in which he takes a shot at the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions.

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“Kirk and I are actually good friends. He’s someone I respect a lot. We have similar beliefs and values. Each off-season his family will come out and have a meal at my place, he always invites me out to return the favor. You just don’t see players like him and I very often in the league. Take the North for example, if you put him or I on the Lions or Bears we would be the best QB that franchise has ever seen.”

@NFCNorthNewss is known for tweeting out fake quotes and it is pretty funny how many people believe they are real.

Well, when Kelly, who is the wife of former Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford) caught wind of the quote, she got a bit offended and fired back at Rodgers (even though he never made the quote) and ripped the Chicago Bears at the same time.

“Ya you’re wrong,” Kelly posted on her Instagram story. “Maybe the Bears, maybe.”

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Kelly Stafford, Aaron Rodgers

We are hoping that Kelly knew this was a fake quote and that she was firing back at that and now Aaron Rodgers but we have our doubts!

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  1. I think someone forgot to take their meds before spouting off about winning qbs. I bet AR coulda won a division or a play off game at the very least. Even playing the zebras

  2. I fear this chicks brain tumor is backing she doesn’t believe Rodgers would be the greatest QB Detroilet has ever had, something is definitely wrong upstairs. Regardless, she needs to know her roll and quit arguing with fans about football, her hubby is a big boy, he can speak for himself.

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