Miguel Cabrera Is Returning In 2023 Amazing!

Miggy is back in 2023 and that is the RIGHT decision, the first of many for Scott Harris this offseason!
Miguel Cabrera
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Thoughts On Miguel Cabrera's Return

A.J. Reilly: Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers at least end the season on a high note. And it gives Scott Harris enough information, I would say, to make good baseball decisions, which he's going to do. And we're gonna talk about some of that baseball decision. Right now in our final segment, the Peanut Gallery, let's talk about Miguel Cabrera and his Farewell Tour.

It came out this weekend that the Detroit Tigers President of Baseball Operations, Scott Harris, you're gonna keep hearing that name and you're gonna hear that name a lot over the next few weeks as we discuss the Tigers in their off-season plans. But Harris and AJ Hinch and Miguel Cabrera sat down and fully intend to bring him back to the team in 2020.

Which they should. I mean, this is the obvious decision to make. You cannot just get rid of Miguel Cabrera that, that he made the right decision. You can say, Ah, we don't need him. He's taking up a roster spot. It does not matter. This is Miguel Cabrera. This is a guy that has spent a lot of time in Detroit.

He is an absolute legend in Detroit. You do not cast those guys. I understand that nostalgia is a powerful drug. I get it. And if there were a way to pay him and put him into some type of advisory role or something like that, I get that. I understand that. And even when I interviewed Lynn Henning and, and Lynn said that he thinks that the doctors and, and AJ and, and Scott Harris will all get together and they'll kind of discuss and make a plan that, that Miguel's pride is, is, is he wants to be a great player and if he doesn't feel like he can, he'll step away.

Sure. And that could happen during the season. But I've also discussed this, this shows how the Detroit Tigers can have Albert Pujols in a kind of Renaissance if they limit the usage of MI during the season, specifically during the first half of the season. Only let him bat against lefties. Let him get, you know, one full game during a series and then maybe come out the bench to pinch.

But the reality is that he's gonna be back in 2023, and it is going to be his farewell tour as it should be because he's earned that, right? What that role will be and how often he is in the lineup is yet to be seen. But this was Scott Harris's number one decision that he had to make this off-season, and he's already made the right one.

You cannot get rid of a Miguel Cabrera. He will be in a Detroit Tiger's uniform through the end of his contract, which is next season. Now, does he finish the season? I don't know. Maybe they have plans to have a Miguel Cabrera weekend and send him off, kind of like they did with Victor Martinez, excuse me, a few years ago.

But this was the right decision. He will come back, he will play, and this will be a farewell tour as we saw Pujols have, you know, this. And don't forget, the schedule's changing next season. So Miguel's going to be in a lot more ballparks for a lot more, you know, PO and circumstance. Again, not a bad thing for one of the greatest right-handed hitters, not only of this generation, but of all time.

This is the right decision. So check mark for Scott Harris. Good job on the decision number. Way to go. Congratulations on getting it right, which was obvious, right? There was no way you were going to get this wrong, but I applaud you for doing the right thing. And let's not forget in that report he also said that he had a very, you know, they had a conversation and Miguel knows what he needs to do to uphold the standards that they wanna up.

To be a part of this team. So now the onus is also on Miguel Cabrera to come back ready to play in 2023 and be a contributing member of this team. Miguel said he's going to get stronger and get the knee healthier. That's good. And hopefully, through enough acquisitions, he can go down in the lineup and have less pressure on him as.

So kudos 2023 is off to a great start because the number one decision that needed to be made was made and it was the correct decision. So Detroit Tigers fans gear up because 2023 is gonna be about a new direction and sending off an old legend. That's gonna do it for us here on The Corner. I am AJ Riley. I wanna thank you for stopping by.

I wanna remind you that I will be back on Thursday to recap this series with the Seattle Mariners and there will be no preview because there are no other series after this one. The baseball season ends on Wednesday. We will gear up for the playoffs on Thursday as well. And then moving forward, we will be going live once a week to discuss baseball.

You can never get too much baseball. I will see you then on Thursday and until then, as always, go Tigers.

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