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Mike Valenti blasts Detroit Pistons leadership in fiery rant after 12th straight loss

During today’s episode, Mike Valenti blasts Detroit Pistons leadership in a fiery rant after they drop their 12th straight game.

The Detroit Pistons are grappling with a significant downturn, suffering their 12th consecutive loss in a game against the Denver Nuggets, even though Nikola Jokic and coach Michael Malone were ejected during the match. This defeat marks another setback in what Valenti views as a disastrous season for the Pistons.

Mike Valenti blasts Detroit Pistons

Valenti took Detroit’s leadership group to task

During the initial segment of today’s broadcast on 97.1 The Ticket, Valenti launched a scathing critique aimed at the Pistons’ leadership circle, beginning with owner Tom Gores. He continued to target vice chairman Arn Tellem and his son Eric, who holds the position of Pistons senior director of pro scouting, in what was a fiery rebuke of the team’s leadership.

“I want to tell you something,” Valenti began. “You can think it’s radio hyperbole, but if they had a real owner, someone would be without a job today. Let me explain something to you at what a clown show this team is – look at the people who run this team. You think Tom Gores is a respected owner? Get the hell out of here! Is Tom Gores even alive?

Arn Tellem? He was an agent! Why the hell does Arn Tellem get a say? Even worse, why does Eric Tellem? That’s your director of player personnel? Arn’s kid?

Tom Gores Detroit Pistons Monty Williams

Finally, Valenti turned his venom towards general manager Troy Weaver for his poor roster construction.

And then you have Troy Weaver, who has created the most senseless, random, ill-equipped, doesn’t-fit-in-any-era-but-sure-as-F-doesn’t-fit-in-this-one roster in basketball,” he said. “That’s the result of 4 years of work?”

He then even suggested that the Pistons could start thinking about considering a trade for Cade Cunningham, whom they drafted with the 1st overall pick in 2021.

“By February, I might be shopping Cade Cunningham,” he opined.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. The Detroit Pistons continue to struggle, enduring their 12th consecutive loss and sliding to a 2-13 record for the season.
  2. 97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti strongly criticized the Pistons’ leadership, singling out team owner Tom Gores in his scathing commentary.
  3. Valenti even proposed the possibility of the Pistons exploring a trade involving Cade Cunningham by February if the team’s situation fails to improve.

Bottom Line: Valenti is saying what the fans are thinking

Valenti made a point to bring up Weaver’s apology letter to fans from the summer, highlighting how its sentiments seem empty considering Detroit’s current position with the NBA’s worst record yet again at the season’s start.

Whether you agree or disagree with the outspoken 97.1 The Ticket host, his remarks certainly resonate with the sentiments of numerous frustrated Pistons fans throughout the Motor City.


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