The Spartans have committed to recruiting their seventh and eighth players to boost their online NFL odds. They include linebacker Darien Tipps-Clemons and running back Weston Bridges. The success of Michigan States in Ohio persisted on consecutive days. On Tuesday night, the Piqua-based player and linebacker, Darien Tipps-Clemons joined the 2017 recruiting class of the Spartans. Again, on Wednesday evening, they also selected the Copley-based running back Weston Bridges on a commitment.

Following the last week pledge from Perry High’s offensive lineman, Matt Carrick, both Clemons and Bridges are now the seventh and eighth players to join the 2017 class of the Spartans, making them the second and third consecutive players from the state of Buckeye to join the Spartans. Bridges stated that, annually, the Big Ten nurtures the finest running backs, which offers him the chance to play at Michigan State and for the top team in the conference.

Standing tall at 5-foot-11, and weighing about 191 pounds, Bridges comes from the outskirts of Akron. During his younger years, the running back touched down 29 times and ran for over 1,600 yards to lead the Indians to attain a 9-2 record. However, they later lost their playoff opener in Division II to Hudson.

After some contemplation, Bridges announced his choice of the Spartans via YouTube video on Twitter even though he had many teams to choose from, including Syracuse, Purdue, Rutgers, and Indiana. He stated that, from his youth, he respects the retired LeVeon Bell as his preferred running back, especially when the ex-MSU star played against Ohio State. According to Clemons, Bridges is a fast player who has mastered a unique way of running the ball with great footwork.

Coming from Dayton, the running back, Clemons, is a prominent football star who plays for Piqua High as well. He can punt and return kickoffs. Furthermore, his love for sports made him a freshman wrestler and an ex-track athlete. However, the 6-foot-1 tall and 214-pound player has made the greatest impression as a linebacker, especially on Harlon Barnett, the co-defensive coordinator at MSU. When Barnett saw the twitter video posted by Clemons, he acknowledged that his addition into the Spartans squad would make a big difference.

With offers from Rutgers, Mid-American, and Eastern Kentucky Conferences, Clemons pounced on the MSU offer. He acknowledged that he once played against Messiah DeWeaver, the Spartan freshman quarterback. He also recognizes Vayante Copeland, who is a cornerback from Ohio. His choice for the Spartans was catalyzed by the visits he previously made to East Lansing to explore the academic programs at the school.

During the MSU spring game, which involved the sophomore Ohio player Andrew Dowell, Clemons reflected Dowell’s tactics to predict his future stay as a linebacker at the Spartans. According to Clemons, Dowell is an imaginative player who hits hard. He argued that he has the same tactics as Dowell and he would like to challenge him for the same position. He backed his argument by stating that he is also a hard hitter who runs faster just like Dowell.

Apart from Clemons and Bridges, the MSU 2017 class includes Carrick, quarterback Rocky Lombardi, receivers Cody White and Hunter Rison, offensive lineman Kevin Jarvis, and tight end Jack Camper.