NFL Analyst throws shade at Jared Goff with indirect comment

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During a recent ESPN debate on the best NFC North quarterback heading into the 2023 season, NFL analyst Mike Tannenbaum made an ignorant comment when he bypassed Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Jared Goff and named Green Bay Packers‘ signal-caller Jordan Love as the top quarterback in the division.

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NFL Analyst throws shade at Jared Goff with indirect comment

Tannenbaum's comment indirectly threw shade at Goff, as well as other quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields. He supported his claim by emphasizing the Packers' success in developing quarterbacks over the years, putting faith in Love's potential. However, Love's limited playing time and mixed performance raise questions about the validity of Tannenbaum's assertion.

“I love when quarterbacks sit,” said Tannenbaum when arguing why the Packers still have the best signal caller in the division. “We forget that the quarterback position is a developmental one.

“If we can trust Green Bay on one thing, it’s quarterbacks. [Brett] Farve to Rodgers and now Rodgers to Jordan Love. They are acting the exact same way that they did a decade ago.”

“If you look at the way the Green Bay Packers have contorted themselves this offseason, it’s identical [to the situation with Favre and Rodgers],” Tannenbaum argued. “They didn’t fly out to California to beg Aaron Rodgers to come back.

“They know exactly who they have in Jordan Love.”

Key Points

  • NFL analyst Mike Tannenbaum names Jordan Love as the best quarterback in the NFC North during an ESPN debate.
  • Tannenbaum's comment indirectly snubs Jared Goff
  • He praises the Packers' ability to develop quarterbacks, drawing parallels with previous successes like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.
  • Jordan Love's limited playing time and mixed performance raise doubts about his readiness as a starting quarterback.
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Bottom Line – Evaluating Love's True Potential

As the debate over NFC North quarterbacks continues, Mike Tannenbaum's surprising take on Jordan Love has added another layer of intrigue to the discussion. Whether Love can live up to the expectations and outperform established quarterbacks like Jared Goff remains to be seen. The upcoming season will serve as a litmus test for Love's abilities and the Packers' faith in their young signal-caller. Football fans will eagerly watch to see which quarterback ultimately proves himself as the true leader of the NFC North.