NHL gets it wrong again

As we’ve seen plenty of times in the past, the Detroit Red Wings were robbed of a clear goal by the NHL. The latest victim is Teemu Pulkkinen.

Standing in front of the goal, Pulkkinen chipped the puck past the glove of Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby, and immediately signaled to the referee that the puck was in. However, the play continued for several more minutes until a stoppage in play. A lengthy review ensued.

Replays clearly showed Holtby scooping the puck out of the net with his catching glove from different angles. But as fans watching at home were getting ready to celebrate a 1-0 lead, the officials ruled the play “inconclusive” and play continued with the game scoreless.

What does the NHL employ a “War Room” in Toronto for? Why are there several NHL off-ice officials watching each and every game if they can’t get a simple call correct? This isn’t the first time Detroit has had a goal taken away. We were used to seeing infamous phantom-interference calls on former Red Wing great Tomas Holmstrom. Brad May had a goal disallowed in 2009 due to “intent to blow the whistle” while he was in the process of shooting. Drew Miller had a goal taken away last year because Luke Glendening was in the immediate vicinity of Holtby who had tripped, and was wrongly called for goaltender interference.

This was just the latest example in the seemingly improbable incompetence of the National Hockey League, and Detroit has been victimized by it far too many times.

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