Paul Finebaum just cannot stop throwing shade at Michigan football

Despite Michigan's retained top performers and back-to-back Big Ten titles, Finebaum just can't help himself, but to slight Michigan.

Following a pattern of courting controversy, ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum yet again made headlines at the SEC Media Day. His choice for Georgia's most likely challenger in the 2023 season? Not the back-to-back Big Ten champion, Michigan Wolverines, but the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Finebaum's Big Ten Shocker: Michigan Out, Ohio State In

Finebaum's Big Ten Shocker: Michigan Out, Ohio State In

In a (un)surprising departure from logical predictions, Finebaum declared Ohio State as the Big Ten team most likely to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. It's a claim that raises eyebrows, given Michigan's strong past performance and anticipated lineup. Believe it or not, this wasn't even the craziest thing Finebaum said during this interview.

Ohio State, Not Michigan: A Curious Preference

Finebaum's choice of Ohio State over Michigan raises questions. After all, Ohio State saw significant losses recently, including quarterback CJ Stroud and top receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba to the NFL Draft. So why the Buckeyes and not the Wolverines?

“Outside (the SEC), I like Ohio State. There’s still an issue about how the quarterback situation will land, but other than that, they probably have as much talent, if not more, than anyone in the country.”

Paul Finebaum – SEC Media Day via ESPN’s “Get Up” morning show

Michigan's Stacked Lineup for 2023 Season Ignored

Michigan, coming off consecutive Big Ten titles, has a formidable lineup for 2023. Returning stars include quarterback J.J. McCarthy, running backs Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards, wide receivers Roman Wilson and Cornelius Johnson, and others. On defense, only two starters need replacing. Does Finebaum's omission of Michigan hint at a deeper bias?

Finebaum's Michigan Criticism: An Old Saga Continues

Finebaum has been a notable critic of Michigan's head coach, Jim Harbaugh. His recent statements seem to echo this bias, dismissing Michigan's impressive dominance of the Big Ten in the last two years. Could this underlying animosity be driving Finebaum's predictions?

Michigan Wolverines 2023: Ready to Roar, Despite Criticism

Despite the naysaying, Michigan remains undeterred. With a strong roster and back-to-back Big Ten titles under their belt, the Wolverines are set to tackle the 2023 season head-on, regardless of the media's doubts.

Finebaum's recent comments may have been intended to stir the pot, but they've only added fuel to the Michigan Wolverines' fire. Expect them to roar louder, run faster, and play harder come 2023. After all, they have a reputation – and a title – to defend.