Play of the Night: Pistons Score Five Points in Three Seconds

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The Philadelphia 76ers were making headway Saturday night. After trailing the Detroit Pistons by 19 points at half, Philly at one point knocked that deficit down to 10 toward the tail end of the third quarter. A fourth quarter comeback wasn’t appearing to be out of the realm of possibility.

Anthony Tolliver and Kyle Singler had other ideas.

After a 76ers turnover, Tolliver ran the floor and was rewarded for his efforts, receiving a D.J. Augustin pass in stride for a righty finish at the rim. With the Sixers looking to quickly push the ball up-court before the third quarter clock expired, a heads up play from Kyle Singler led to a quick steal and corner triple, pushing the Pistons advantage back to 19 and effectively ending any ideas of a Philadelphia comeback. The Pistons coasted to a 107-89 victory.