Riley Greene makes another diving catch to save multiple runs [Video]

Ok, Riley Greene, we get it, you are good at baseball!

On Sunday, during the Detroit Tigers finale against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Greene made yet another diving catch, this time saving multiple runs.

Riley Greene makes another diving catch to save multiple runs

A day after making a spectacular Superman catch, and another great catch an inning later, Detroit Tigers rookie Riley Greene was at it again on Sunday.

Watch as Greene makes another amazing diving catch, this time on a ball hit to right-center, to save a couple of runs for the Tigers.

Following Saturday’s game, Greene spoke to reporters and he said he knew it was going to hurt but he dove for the ball anyway.

“It was like a rock,” said Greene of the surface. “It hurt. But it was fine. I kind of slid and I didn’t really plop, so it was fun.”

“I dove, threw my glove out there and I caught it,” Greene explained. “Didn’t know if I was going to or not.”

Kody Clemens, who blasted the first home run of his MLB career, had one of the best views because he was playing second base.

“It was amazing,” he said. “I mean, it was unreal. An unreal, talented player. He makes those catches all the time. Does it surprise me? No, it doesn’t.

“I’ve seen him do it multiple times. That was a really good one.”

When asked if it is a better feeling to hit a home run or make a great catch, Greene said he would take the great catch.

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“It’s pretty similar, depending on what situation the hit [is] in and what catch,” Greene said. “Making a catch like that, it doesn’t really happen that much. It’s gotta be perfectly hit, you have to have a good jump. I’d say catching it is better.”

Nation, what do you think is better? A home run or a great catch like Riley Greene made on Saturday night?

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