Rod Wood explains why Detroit Lions did not pursue QB Deshaun Watson

When news broke that the Cleveland Browns had traded the Houston Texans for QB Deshaun Watson, there were plenty of Detroit Lions fans (and local radio heads) who ripped the Lions for not getting in on the action.

On Monday, Lions team president Rod Wood spoke to the media and he explained why they did not make a play for Watson.

From Detroit Free Press:

“We have a quarterback, so we were never in the game for that,” Wood said at the NFL's annual meeting. “I don’t think — I don’t want to get into the off-the-field stuff and what the Browns talked about what they did and the other teams that pursued him, but it just wasn’t part of our plans.”

Nation, do you think the Lions “have a quarterback” or should they have made the Texans an offer they could not refuse for Watson?