JuJu Smith-Schuster took a stab at the Mega Millions jackpot to get Le’Veon Bell back

Pittsburgh Steelers standout young wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster threw down some of his hard earned money to try and “catch” some of that $1.6B jackpot from the Mega Millions this week, but not for the reason you’re thinking. Sure, his $1,191,476 signing bonus was nice, but JuJu stated his plans with the extra cash. “I tried to win it so we could get Le’Veon back. It didn’t work.” A little “JuJu on that Beat”…the odds perhaps.

While I think Art Rooney II would probably appreciate the former University of Southern California Trojan‘s gesture, I’m almost positive Roger Goodell would have a slight problem with it. (That is, of course, if he could find a way to profit from it himself.)

This brings us to James Conner. Conner has stood in, and quite effectively, as #26’s replacement while Bell continues to hold out. Conner with 103 rushes for 453 yards and 26 grabs for 257 seems to have filled the hole in the Steelers’ offense just fine so far. He’s also second to only Todd Gurley with touchdowns by a running back, with seven. If you happened to steal Conner in later rounds on your fantasy squad this year, as I did, you love this guy. The cancer survivor and Erie PA native has won the hearts of Steeler Nation, and put fear in most defensive match-ups so far this season.

With the Steelers back on top of the AFC North, and the Steelers looking forward to a playoff run, I’m sure JuJu had the best of intentions. He just wants to bring back his guy. But on that long bike ride home from the store, I wonder if he checked Twitter to see if there were any updates on #26 and his wild-west standoff with the 6 Super Bowl ring franchise. If he did, he’d see what the rest of Steeler Nation and Bell fantasy owners across the web see. Nothing. Bell has passed on 6.84 million dollars this season. Go ahead, read that last sentence again. I don’t know all of our reader’s financial standings, but I know the guy typing this could find something to do with that coin. But for Bell, he will continue to stand out until he gets what he thinks he deserves.  To save you a Google search, 6.84 million dollars is more than any other NFL RB’s salary this season…

I hope the jackpot winner in South Carolina realizes how bad JuJu wanted his teammate back, and also how bad I wanted Eric Clapton to play at my 30th birthday party.



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